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Employing adults of all abilities, Teaching the art of hand weaving,   Making great products in Michigan

11/19/18-Had a great time at the Christmas Thru Lowell weekend.  Sold 100 towels in 3 days, but new colors are coming soon.  Weaving rug number 905 this week!  Thank you everyone who stopped in to see our weavers in action.

11/14/18- Beryl just finished our largest rug to date, 4 by 11 feet and all wool. Thank you Carol K for your support!

6/24/18-Thrilled to hire our twelfth weaver employee, Isaac !  Picture and info to follow shortly.  Also getting close to creating our 800th rug and 350 hand towels  (the weaver autographs and numbers each one).  WOW!

4/15/18-Happy to have our Weave Your Own classes listed as an activity on Trip Advisor for Lowell.  Please write a review if you have enjoyed our class.

3/10/18-Busy making spring towels.

12/30/17-We had a wonderful Christmas time and are looking forward to 2018.  The Lord has blessed our project mightily.  The Christmas towels are all gone, but now making a Santa Fe western style for a few weeks.  Hopefully you like them.

12/3/17-Just finished our largest table cover to date, measuring 3 1/2' wide by 10 1/2' long! Pretty purple and green blended colors.  Thank you Becky S in eastern Michigan for your support. Your dining room looks great!

11/22/17- Very pleased to announce that your support has allowed AW to hire two new employees!  Austin has previous weaving experience and is already helping with Christmas towels.  Sam is a hard worker and keeps the store looking good. Please stop in to meet them and all our wonderful team.

10/25/17-  Eric just finished our first wool rug from the wide loom.  Measures 41 by 77".

10/14/17- We had a good time at the Lowell Harvest Festival today.  Fuzzy rugs and towels were in demand.  Talk about rainy....

10/9/17- Our products are now available at the Cardinal Cottage in downtown Hastings.  Thank you Sandy K for welcoming us!  If you have a shop and would like to offer our products, please contact Beryl.

10/8/17- Just shipped the first large rug from the Harrisville 60 inch loom to our friend Tami in California.

10/4/17-  Now weaving 100% Premium Wool rugs.  Naturally self extinguishing, so good for fireplace surrounds.

9/24/17- The big loom is warped and we are starting our first rug for our friend Tami in California.  Beryl spent 12 hours and Eric spent 4 hours getting this ready. 504 strings all have to be in the correct position and the right harness (there are 4) for Tami's 42 inch wide rug.  When we move to 60 inch rugs there are 720 warp strings.

9/23/17- We had a lot of fun at the GR Downtown Market.  Wow was it hot.

9/17/17- A big thank you to Kathy S in north Indiana for donating a Kessenich lever loom to Ability Weavers. This will allow those with limited lower body strength to weave as fast as leg powered looms. Eric and I should have rented a pickup truck :) See picture of Kathy, me, and the loom in many pieces.

9/2/17- We had a great time at the Found Cottage Mercantile Market in Holland.  Many thanks to weaver Becca and Kathy for joining us.  We sold 18 rugs and met a lot of new friends.  Next up is the Grand Rapids Downtown market on Sept 23.

8/28/17- Just finished an order for 20 rugs that look and feel really nice.  See them (numbered C477 to C495) in our Sold list.  Getting close to 500 rugs in a little over one year :) (Actually we are more than 500, as we didn't start numbering until rug 50 or so....)  But whose counting?

8/24/17- Now offering a small number of towels for sale.  Make great gifts. Each 24" long towel requires about one hour of careful weaving and finishing. More being added daily.

8/20/17-We are working hard on perfecting our all cotton towels. Way nicer than machine made! 

8/07/17- Thrilled to purchase a 60 inch wide 4 harness Harrisville rug loom from Baker Allegan Studios.  It will take two weavers working together to create beautiful large rugs. Thank you to Deb and Joe!

6/24/17- Had a great time at the GR Downtown Market meeting some of our friends.  Looking forward to a second Saturday there, Sept 23.


6/7/17- A big thank you to the Victor Group of Quebec Canada for generously providing their unique fabrics to make our fuzzy rugs.  I am overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of Victor and all those who have helped to create employment for our weavers.

5/21/17- We are so thankful to be one of the first Lowell businesses to be featured in a video.  Created by Dave VanKeulen.  Check it out.

5/20/17- Allie and Lauren just finished a 27 foot long custom staircase runner.  How cool is that ??  You won't find that in any other store !

4/28/17- Thrilled that a rug donated by our weaver Nicole to the Lowell Rotary Diamonds and Denim Auction sold for $2100.  Wow.  Nicole also created this rug.  See the rug, Nicole, and the happy buyers above.

4/23/17- We are proud to announce that MI Hometown Furnishings is now carrying a collection of our rugs and table runners in their beautiful new store. 

4/20/17- Last night we joined downtown Lowell in the Ladies Night Out celebration. Had a lot of fun meeting new people and also introduced our new woven purses / beach bags.

4/13/17- Eric and I presented AW to the Golden Kiwanis group in Grand Rapids.  Zoe  Bruyn also joined us and presented the Stir It Up Bakery. Check it out at